When Your Child is Being Bullied…

Many kids are embarrassed to be bullied.

If your child comes to you and asks for help with a bully, take it seriously. Many times, if kids aren’t taken seriously the first time they ask for help, they don’t ask again.

Kids who are bullied are often different from others whether by size, race, sexuality, or have other interests. They usually seem physically or emotionally weak. They are insecure and want approval.

Why Kids Bully:
  • They need a victim who seems emotionally or physically weaker, or just appears different in some way.
  • To feel important, popular, or in control.
  • They do it because that’s the way they have been treated.
  • They come from a family where everyone regularly gets in angry shouts or call names.
Warning Signs that Your Child is being Bullied:
  • Withdrawal
  • A loss of friends
  • A drop in grades
  • A loss of interest in activities he or she previously enjoyed
  • Torn clothing
  • Bruises
  • A need for extra money or supplies
  • Not sleeping well
  • More moody than usual
  • Avoiding certain situations
Ways to Help Your Child:
  • Talk to your child’s teacher instead of confronting the bully’s parents. If the teacher does not act to stop the bullying, speak to the principle.
  • Teach your child nonviolent ways to deal with bullies such as walking away or avoiding the bully.
  • Don’t encourage your child to fight. This could lead to him or her getting hurt, getting in trouble, or beginning more serious problems with the bully.
  • Help your child act with self-confidence by walking upright, looking at people in the eye, and speaking clearly.
  • Involve your child in activities outside of school to make friends in a different social circle.
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