Watermelon…Nature’s Candy!

August 03rd is National Watermelon Day!

Watermelon is a huge summertime favorite, but picking a good watermelon can be tricky.

Follow these tips and never get stuck with a mushy watermelon again:

Pick a dull looking melon.  A shiny appearance means its likely underripe. You’ll want to look for a greener rind too.

Find the field spot.  This is a lighter spot on the melon, where the watermelon was resting on the ground. Look for a darker, creamy colored spot. If it is white or not there at all put the melon back, it’s not ripe.

Knock on it.  A dull thud indicates an underripe melon.  If you get a hollow sound your melon is prime for the pick’n.

Pick it up.  Try to pick the heaviest one for its size.  If the watermelon is around the same size as the others, but feels heavier, there is lots of water in there which means its ripe.

Look for white or brown dots or lines. If you see any small white or brown dots/lines, this is evidence that the watermelon was sweet enough for the bugs to eat, so it’ll be sweet enough for you too!


Now go out and pick watermelon like a pro!

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