Treating Kids to Healthy Halloween Fun!

Healthy Halloween Tricks & Treats

Halloween can be both fun and healthy for kids if you do it right. Candy can be a part of a healthy diet, but it’s recommended that it should be eaten sparingly. Let your kids have the experience of traditional trick-or-treating without consuming excessive sugar. It’s important to enjoy the holiday with their health in mind.

Tips to control candy intake during Halloween:

  1. When and what to buy matters. Instead of buying Halloween candy early on, try buying them at the last-minute so you are not tempted in eating the candy available at home. Also buy candy you don’t particularly like, so you will be less tempted to eat them.
  2. Feed the kids first. Serve dinner before trick-or-treating so that your kids will not be starving while they’re out. This prevents them from eating excessive candy before coming home. You don’t want them to fill up on empty calories and ditch dinner.
  3. Limit the number of houses your child visits for trick-or-treating to cut down on the amount of goodies they get.
  4. Focus on portion control. When your kids get home, let them choose no more than 5 pieces of candy to eat. Set a deadline on the number of days that candy will remain in the house. Allow them to choose no more than 2 pieces each day as a treat.
  5. Swap candy for a prize or reward. Give your kids the option to swap their Halloween candy for a movie night, toys, game, or an activity they want to do.
  6. Decide what to do with leftover candy. You can donate leftovers to charity, local homeless shelter, or bring them to work to share with colleagues. This prevents your entire family from munching on unnecessary sweets.

Candy Alternatives

If you are planning on giving away goodies when trick-or-treaters come around, consider setting a good example for the neighborhood by giving away non-candy alternatives. Non-candy alternatives allow kids with food allergies to participate. They also help reduce the sugar load for both trick-or-treaters and their families.

Non-candy treat giveaway ideas:



Pencils, pens, crayons, or markers

Glow sticks



Halloween erasers

Applesauce squeeze pouch mummies

Clementine Jack-o-Lanterns

Halloween stamps

Eyeball bouncy balls

Spider rings

There’s More!

For information on where to donate your excess candy or for some yummy Halloween recipes—check out these printables:

Donate Your Excess Candy

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