Tips to Healthy Eating for the Holidays

Are you worried about maintaining a healthy weight while still enjoying your holidays?

If so, you are not alone. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average holiday dinner alone can add up to 3,000 calories and another 1,500 calories from appetizers and drinks.

However, it’s possible to make healthy food choices.

Try these healthy eating tips for the holidays:


1.    Eat something before your holiday meal

Some people believe that skipping meals prior to dinner will cut down on their overall daily caloric intake. However, this is not the case. Skipping meals will only cause you to become hungrier, and then overeat later in the day. It is important to eat regular meals. To prevent from overeating during dinner, try filling up on healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, or a small yogurt.

2.    Include exercise

Don’t let exercise go by the wayside during the holidays. When watching television, get up and do some jumping jacks or sit-ups during the commercials. Try starting your day by going to the gym or participating in a fun run. Also, consider taking a walk after your meal to burn off some calories.

3.    Stay away from the appetizers

In order to avoid being tempted by all of the chips and dip or appetizers at the table concentrate on socializing with family and friends and having fun. Spend time catching up with people that you haven’t seen for awhile instead of lingering by the food table.

4.    Swap for healthier ingredients

When cooking your holiday meal, there are many opportunities to cut calories and fat. For example, replace cream with milk, and butter with canola oil in mash potatoes. Include more options for vegetables as side dishes and limit the amount of desserts available. Also, reduce the amount of gravy and other condiments used.

5.    Smaller plates = Small portion sizes

Using smaller plates will help you to limit the amount of food you put on your plate. When you are hungry for more, T get seconds on fruits and/or vegetables.

6.    Drink water or stick to low-calorie beverages

Don’t drink your calories. Surprisingly, some wine and/or beer can contribute up to 150 calories or more. Stick to light beer or a wine spritzer or just water.

7.    Limit to only one dessert

Start dinner knowing that you are only going to have one dessert and stick with it.

8.    Decline or give away leftovers

If you have guests over, asks them to take home the leftovers .If you are having dinner at someone else’s home, kindly decline leftovers. This helps prevent overindulgence for the next few days after the holiday party.

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