The Weight of our Words

Negative comments about a child’s weight can have devastating consequences.

Often times parents think they’re “helping” their child, but constant focus about their weight can backfire. Kids will often get embarrassed or feel like a failure if remarks are made about their appearance. Talking about their weight could set the child on a journey of unhealthy eating habits and diets in an attempt to lose weight, which in the end can lead to them gaining even more weight.

So, what’s a parent to do? Start by doing this:

  • Make home a safe place for your child to be free of judgements and comments about their weight.
  • Model healthy behaviors for your child. No negative talk about your own body. Teach them to respect their bodies by respecting yours!
  • Walk the walk. Eat healthy and exercise as a family. The more healthy changes you make as a family, the more confidence your child will have.
  • Compliment your child. Point out the things your child is good at, not their appearance.
  • Seek help from a professional if your child seems depressed or preoccupied with their weight.

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