Apps for the Busy Parent

May is Mental Health Month

We’ve rounded up 11 Apps to help you plan, organize and de-stress your life:

  1. Lumosity – Do you constantly walk into a room to get something and by the time you get there you’ve forgotten? You need a brain booster! This app has three games tailored to your goals: memory, problem solving, processing speed or flexibility of thinking.
  2. Stop, Breathe & Think – Studies have shown that Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, increases happiness, slows aging and much, much more. Check-in daily with this 5-star rated app—track your progress and feel the calm.
  3. GroceryIQ – Don’t get trapped in the grocery store without a list! Shoppers who wing it end up spending more and often make poor choices. GroceryIQ is an app that lets you quickly enter what you want to shop for so your list is always with you. You can also share your list. Type your items in manually, or use the cool bar code scanner.
  4. Dropbox – Dropbox stores important photos, documents and videos in the cloud and on your phone. Access your Dropbox folder from home, work, or on the go!
  5. Couch-to-5K – Have you made the same promise to get in shape year after year? Well, this app will help you on your way. This app gets you from just running to running a 5K in only nine weeks. You follow a simple training plan and measure your progress against your goals.
  6. – Money management made easy! Once you set up an account, this personal finance app automatically stays on top of your transactions, upcoming bills, and credit line. It categorizes them into helpful groups so you know what you’re spending your money on and whether or not you are sticking to your budget.
  7. WebMD – One of the best-known health-related web sites and certainly one of the most sophisticated apps — offers 24/7 mobile access to a vast amount of health information. Features include a symptom checker, first aid essentials, drug and treatment descriptions, and local health provider listings. The app can be personalized to store your family’s information and offline access ensures constant availability.
  8. iRewardChart – The perfect way to keep your kids busy and motivated—assigns chores and tasks, tracks accomplishments, and suggests awards for achieving pre-set goals. You can choose from the iRewardChart list of task suggestions or you can enter your own. This award-winning app also includes motivational messaging and a star system to track achievements.
  9. Shop Savvy – Bargain shopping made easy! Use this app to compare the price of one item at several different stores in their area. And with over 22 million products in its system, this app is sure to get you the best deal.  Scan bar codes with your phone and let this app save you money.
  10. Martha’s Everyday Food: Quick & Easy Recipes – Having trouble deciding what to make for dinner? This app provides easy-to-make recipes the whole family will love. You can choose from the daily email delivery of a dinner recipe, or search through a database that selects recipes by ingredients, cooking method, etc.
  11. Mom Maps – Need a fun place to take the kids? Even when you’re out-of-town, you can find a place to take the kids for some age-appropriate fun. The Mom Map app contains more than 24,000 kid-focused locations in metro areas and utilizes your GPS functionality to get you there. You can help make the app even more robust by contributing to the database.
This month—Mental Health Month—don’t forget to enjoy the little things!

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