Road Trip Snacks!

Hitting the road doesn’t mean you have to abandon a healthy diet!

June kicks off summer break, which usually means a road trip or two. However, hitting the road doesn’t mean you have to abandon a healthy diet. Whether you’re packing them yourself or grabbing some at the nearest road-side stop, these snack ideas taste great and are packed with heart healthy nutrients!

Here are our favorite road trip snacks:

  1. Trail mix- Trail mix is simple to make at home or grab a bag in a store. The combo of nuts and dried fruit will keep you satisfied for hours. Make your own s’mores trail mix by combining some whole grain cereal, dark chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and almonds.
  2. Fresh fruit- Slice apples (spritzed with lemon juice to prevent discoloration), oranges, or pears and throw them in a bag. Grapes work well on the go, too! Most convenience stores sell individual sized bags of pre-sliced apples.
  3. Yogurt- Portion out single servings of low-fat or fat-free yogurt into disposable containers and put them in a small cooler with ice. Add fruit or nuts to make the yogurt more filling. Opt for a protein packed Greek yogurt for extra staying power. We’ve spotted Greek yogurt at convenience stores!
  4. Raw Veggies- Carrots, celery, bell peppers, edamame (soybeans), and sugar snap peas make perfect snacks by themselves or with hummus, peanut butter, or ranch. Pack single serving packages of dip for easy snacking!
  5. Dried fruit- Raisins, dried cherries, prunes and an assortment of dried fruits can be combined with nuts or whole grain cereal for a healthy, filling snack. Keep serving size to about ¼ cup since dried fruit is fairly high in sugar.
  6. Cheese and crackers- Whole grain crackers with an ounce of cheese will satisfy any passenger. Look for “whole grain” as the first ingredient on the crackers and choose low-fat string cheese for portability.
  7. Snack Bars- Look for a granola or fruit and nut bar with fewer than 12 grams of sugar and at least 3 grams each of fiber and protein.
  8. Water- Wash your snacks down with an ice cold bottle of water! It’s important to stay hydrated when traveling.
Travel safe, Snack smart!


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