No Time For Exercise?

Having trouble squeezing exercise into your day?

Read these great tips to sneak more movement into your day!

  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier in the morning and stretch.
  • Do the dishes, vacuum, or any other household chore. It all counts as activity.
  • Go out for a short walk before breakfast, after dinner, or both! Even 5 minutes is beneficial.
  • At work, get up from your desk every hour and walk or stretch.
  • Walk or bike to the corner store instead of driving.
  • Stand up while talking on the telephone.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Turn off the television! If you have time to watch TV, you have time to go for a walk.
  • If you have a show you MUST watch, do these exercises while you tune in.
  • Park farther away at the store or shopping mall and walk the extra distance.
 Get moving and on your way to better health!


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