Kids Less Likely to Be Obese When Dad is an Active Parent

Dads play an important role in kids health.

A recent study found that young children whose fathers were more involved in “physical childcare tasks,” were less likely to be obese.

They also found that the opposite was true—the less the dad was involved in taking care of the child, the greater the risk of childhood obesity.

This doesn’t mean there’s anything “magic” about the fathers. They simply find that fathers often see their role as encouraging activity in kids—and more involvement from the fathers may also be a sign of a more stable household, which would lead to more healthy behaviors.

Mothers are often thought to be the ones to have the most impact on their child’s health; however, this new research reminds us of the important role fathers play aside from just encouraging physical activity.

Aside from health, there are many other positive effects fathers have on their children:
  • better friendships
  • fewer behavior problems
  • better results at school
  • higher self-esteem and life-satisfaction
  • lower chance of becoming criminals or abusing drugs
  • more satisfying adult relationships
Here are some fun ideas to get active with your kids:
  • Go to the park! Many local parks now offer hiking and biking trails, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and more.
  • Hit the streets. A quick 30-minute adventure walk through the neighborhood will create memories and get your hearts pumping.
  • Try out the local skating rink. Ice skating and roller skating are fun ways to get active and try something new.
  • Play outside! Get outside—play tag or hide and seek. Play is an amazing stress reliever and a great way to show your kids your fun side.
  • Visit a local Farmer’s Market. Visit
  • Go on an adventure! Check out one of our many nearby state parks – visit
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