Is Drinking Vegetable Juice as Good for Me as Eating Vegetables?

Not really.

Store-bought vegetable juice is convenient, but it is not a replacement for whole vegetables.

For starters, many of the nutrients, and a lot of the fiber, are lost when the pulp and skin are removed to make the juice. And juice isn’t likely to fill you up the way eating whole vegetables can!

Also, processed juice may have added stuff that you don’t want, such as sodium. V8 packs 650 mg of sodium in an 8-oz serving (the low-sodium version has 140 mg).

That said, blending (peel and all) fruits and vegetables can get you your fruits and veggies in a liquid form without losing the good-for-you nutrients and fiber. Just be careful…these homemade “smoothies” can add up in calories. No need to add juice or sugar!

Heart Healthy Tip: Try blending  half an apple, a carrot, a few orange slices and pineapple chunks with some ice for a yummy drink. Add some low-fat yogurt if you prefer a creamier consistency.  Check out these healthy smoothie recipes from! 
Keep these important tips in mind for a healthy heart!

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