Introducing New Foods to Children

Are you having a hard time getting your child to try new foods?

It’s important to continuously introduce new foods to children in order to increase access to the variety of nutrients their bodies need to grow. Young children tend to mimic behavior; so it’s also important to be a good role model by eating a variety of heart healthy foods yourself.

Checkout our tips for getting your child to eat a variety of healthy foods:

Have your child help with planning family meals or the grocery shopping.

Children tend to take more interest in eating foods if they are more involved with meal prep.

Make mealtime fun.

For example, encourage your child to rename a dish or arrange the food in a fun way.

Be creative when serving foods.

Make a face with vegetables, cut sandwiches into different shapes or make pancakes in the shape of letters.

Create different themes for mealtime.

Plan your week in advance—Italian night, comfort food night, Mexican theme; or assign your child to be in charge of a theme for one night each week.

Offer a salad bar.

This way everyone can make their own selections—maybe choose all the colors of the rainbow!

Don’t try multiple new foods at one time.

This can be overwhelming. Serve one new food along with foods your child already likes—and make it fun!

It is important to never force children to eat anything.

However, do encourage them to try to taste the food at least once. Who knows, it may be their new favorite.

You don’t always have to serve “traditional” mealtime foods.

Serve breakfast foods for lunch or sandwiches during dinner time!

These tips will have your family eating heart healthy foods in no time flat!

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