How To Survive Holiday Parties With Your Waistline Intact

Your Holiday Survival Guide

Whatever your holiday plans may be, put yourself in control with these tips and avoid gaining extra weight this holiday season.

 Studies show that the average American gains 1 to 2 pounds during the holiday season.

Fill up before heading out

Never arrive to a party when you’re hungry. Try and eat a small, nutritious snack 30 minutes before you leave the house so you don’t over do it when dishes are served. Some healthy snack choices might be veggies and humus, celery and almonds, or string cheese and an apple.


Feed your friendships

Food shouldn’t be the “main event” of a party. Mingle and catch up with old friends or hit the dance floor! Take your mind off of food and focus on the people and events going on around you.


Outsmart the Buffet

When dinner is served buffet-style, use the smallest plate available and limit your helpings to a single trip. Seek out the freshest food and eat at a slower, relaxed pace. This gives your stomach time to tell your brain your full.


Bottoms up

Drink lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated helps keep you full and keeps cravings at bay without the empty calories that other drinks have.


Choose wisely

Don’t deprive yourself of those yummy, hard to resist treats, just choose the very best ones. If you are a cake lover, don’t waste precious calories on chips and dip. Walk the room and decide which foods you will choose before putting anything on your plate.


Bring Your Own Treats

Whether you’re going to a friend’s party or an office potluck, consider bringing a low-calorie treat that you know you’ll enjoy. Bringing your own dessert will make the more fattening alternatives less tempting.


Move your feet

Make an effort to walk the room and mingle instead of sitting in a corner or get up and hit the dance floor. Start a new holiday tradition with a game of touch football or a walk in the park.

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