Have a Happy & Healthy Halloween

Many kids eat lots of junk food at Halloween time and when they are trick-or-treating.  However you can make sure they have a good time and still don’t eat too much sugar!
 Feed them first.

Make sure your kids eat a nutritious dinner before trick-or-treating so they won’t be starving while they’re out and when they get home. This will help naturally limit how many sweets they eat. If they’re really excited about the night’s festivities, they may not be in the mood to sit down for a very nutritious meal like chicken and broccoli, so think about treating them to one of their favorites instead.

♥ Ration.

Limit the number of homes or places your children visit while trick-or-treating to cut down on the amount of sweets they get.

 Limit the loot.

Limit how many pieces of candy per day they will be allowed to choose.  (2 is a good number, if they’re small). Also, set a date for how long you will keep the candy around. (A couple weeks is long enough). There is no reason children need to eat ALL the candy they’ve collected. A charity, such as your local food bank would probably love your donation of extra Halloween candy.

 Start a new trend.

If you know children will be coming around to your house, consider giving them something different. Kids love pencils, whistles,  yo-yos, stickers, etc. All these items are inexpensive…and if you don’t end up giving them all out, they will keep until next year. (Unlike the candy, which we end up eating if we have leftovers).

♥ Make a trade.

Offer to buy your child’s bag of candy or offer them a trade. For example, if they give up the bag of candy, they get a trip to their favorite water or amusement park, or maybe they get to buy a game, movie or toy they want.

Happy Halloween!

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