Got Milk?

June is the start of warm summer days, vacations, and NATIONAL DAIRY MONTH!

We live in a society with an abundance of options in milk variety. Cows’ milk comes in fat-free/skim, 1%, 2%, whole, and lactose-free. It may be tempting with contradicting advice to give up dairy or replace dairy with alternatives. However, we can certainly benefit from the Vitamin D, Calcium, and protein that most “milk” provides.

Cows’ milk and soy milk have been found to provide the highest amount of calcium and protein, which are important for healthy bones. Almond milk is the lowest in calories and is still a good source of Vitamin D and Calcium, but provides a little protein. When deciding which type of milk or milk substitute is best for your family reading labels and remembering moderation are most important.

Check out the breakdown of nutrients in each type of milk and pour a glass of your favorite!
Cows’ Milk
Nutrition – 1 cupWhole2%1%Skim
Vitamin D97.6 IU105 IU127 IU0 IU
Calcium276 mg286 mg290 mg504 mg
Milk Alternatives
Nutrition – 1 cupSoyAlmond
Vitamin D119 IU100 IU
Calcium299 mg200 mg

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