Fun Apps to Teach Kids About Nutrition

Have you tried to teach your kids about healthy eating?

More than ever, kids are involved with technology—creating the perfect opportunity to utilize fun apps to teach kids about nutrition. Kids can learn about different food groups, the relationship between calories and exercise, and so much more!

Check out these apps and find the right one for your child:

Eat and Move-O-Matic: This app teaches kids about the relationship between calories in food and exercise. Kids can choose different foods and find out how much exercise they need to do to burn off those calories. Learn more here.

Body Quest – Food of the Warrior: This series of 6 lessons teaches children about how 6 superheroes gain superpowers from eating healthy foods. Learn more here.

Grow It – Know It: This app teaches children where their food comes from and how food is produced in agriculture. Learn more here.

Catch the Carrot: This app has multiple-choice trivia questions for children to follow. Points are collected by emptying cart of food. The more questions answered correctly, the more food is collected into the shopping cart.Learn more here.

Max’s Plate: This app teaches children how to eat according to the food groups from MyPlate. Learn more here.

Nicolas’ Garden: This app provides simple recipes kids can make themselves. It also allows kids to take pictures, share them with friends, and make recommendations. Learn more here.

Awesome Eats: This app features up to 64 levels of sorting, stacking, and plating a variety of foods from the garden. Learn more here.

Smash Your Food: This app allows kids to smash food to see the actual sugar, salt, and oil content and provides a recommended amount to compare. This allows kids to understand how much sugar, salt, and oil they are actually consuming. Learn more here.

Veggie Circus Farm: This app is perfect for toddlers to learn different types of vegetables. You can learn up to 15 vegetables with the full version. Learn more here.

There are nutrition-related apps for everyone!
Check out these nutrition apps for adults… and this one too.

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