Family Makes Lifestyle Changes

Success Story: While participating in the 12-week Healthy Hearts Program, the boy in this story dropped his BMI 0.2 points and his HgA1c decreased from 5.7% to 5.3%, taking him from pre-diabetic status to no longer pre-diabetic 

What changes have you/your family made?

Dad: About 6 weeks ago, we decided to take making changes seriously. Before that, we had received recipes and resources from the Healthy Hearts Program, but weren’t using any of the information at home. Once we committed to throwing away the junk food and stocking our kitchen with healthy foods, we were able to eat healthier. The first 2-3 days were challenging, but after about 20 days it became part of our routine to wake up early. My son now does 15-20 minutes of exercise in the morning while I cook a healthy breakfast. On the weekends we go running together as a family. We’ve tried all the recipes in the “Recetas Latinas Saludables” cookbook. They’re all delicious and our favorite is the tortas recipe. These recipes cost less and even take less time to cook than the meals we were making before!

 Has your whole family been making healthy changes with you?

Son: yes

 Do you think you could have made healthy changes without the support/involvement of your family?

Son: Actually, yes. I knew I wanted to become faster and better at sports, so I wanted to get in shape. I also hate getting my blood drawn and going to the doctor, so that motivated me too.

 What advice would you give other families who are also struggling with weight issues?

Son: The most important think I could think to tell other families is that change has to start with parents. As parents, we need to be good role models of the changes we wish to see in our children. Mom and I are eating healthier and even my other son, has stopped eating junk food and is eating the same way we are. If we had just told our kids to exercise in the morning while we sleep in, there’s no way they would have done it. Families need to make changes together.

 What advice would you give to other kids who are struggling with their weight?

Son: I would tell them to wake up early to exercise a little before school. They should go to sleep earlier and eat a healthy breakfast, too.

 What made you/your family decide to finally make healthy changes?

Dad: It helped to recognize that making changes in our diet was for the benefit of our children. It was an easy sacrifice to make when we realized it was for our kids’ health.

 What else would you like to share about your experience here in the Healthy Hearts Program?

Dad: Coming to the exercise and nutrition program for an hour a week isn’t enough to make a difference. You really have to be serious about making diet changes at home, too.

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