Cooking with Kids

Get your kids involved in cooking!

Getting children involved in grocery shopping and cooking may pique their interest in foods. Children tend to be more receptive in consuming healthier foods when they are involved with hands-on preparation. Allow children to observe how you shop and cook as their first experience in the kitchen. Then determine their individual capabilities before deciding which part of the recipes they can manage themselves.

Here are some guidelines on appropriate skills by age to get kids moving in the kitchen:

3 to 6 years

Stir ingredients in a bowl

Wash fruits and vegetables

Mixing or kneading dough

Spreading soft foods with a dull knife

Cut cookies with cookie cutters

7 to 10 years

Fill and level measuring spoons and cups

Pour liquids into a measuring cup

Stir ingredients with a wire whisk

Rolling pie dough

Whipping cream with hand mixer under adult supervision

Break eggs in a bowl

Scoop out avocados

Cut herbs with dull scissors

Use a peeler to peel vegetables or fruits

Check temperature of meat with thermometer

Juice a lemon

11 to 12 years

Use a microwave

Prepare simple recipes with little help from an adult

Boil pasta

Use food processor, blender, or stand mixer

13 and older

Learn how to use oven mitts and oven

Use knife

Use grater to shred ingredients


Get your whole family involved in making dinner. Not only will your kids learn importants skills, but its a great way to connect as family!

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