Building A Better Sandwich At Subway!


Partnering with Subway to Build a Healthy Sub!

It’s okay to dine out from time to time and it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Subway (Las Vegas) has partnered with our Healthy Hearts Program to teach kids that nutritious meals can still be packed with flavor! Every 12-weeks, the kids put on their Subway hats and get to work building their own healthy and nutrition Subway sandwiches.  Kids learn best when they get to have a hands-on experience and this new addition to our Healthy Hearts Program does just that.

Here’s your exclusive guide to building a healthy sandwich at Subway:
  1. Keep your sandwich under 400-500 calories by choosing a 6” sub. Since foot long sandwiches are bargain priced, consider buying a 12” sandwich and sharing it with a friend.
  2. Start with 9 grain bread. The whole grains in this fragrant bread have a tastier flavor than bland white bread and boast 4 grams of fiber to keep your tummy happy.
  3. Your best protein choices at Subway are the ham and turkey. These two meats are lower in fat and calories compared to heavier options like meatballs, tuna salad, and bacon.
  4. Do you know what the lowest fat cheese is at Subway? Provolone! Provolone is a mild flavored cheese similar to mozzarella, but is lower in fat and sodium, making it a better choice.
  5. Pile on the veggies! Don’t be shy! Choose from a rainbow of fresh options- spinach, cucumbers, red onions, and bell peppers add crunch while juicy tomatoes are always a favorite. Not enough flavor for you? Try adding some pickles, olives, or pepperoncinis for a tangy boost. Challenge yourself to stack the sandwich with at least three vegetables!
  6. Finish the sandwich off with one of the healthiest condiments mustard or vinegar! These are virtually calorie free and totally fat-free. If you like a bit of mayo, go for a small portion of the “light” variety.
  7. “Would you like anything else with that?” Pass on the chips and cookie, and instead hydrate with a bottle of water or unsweetened iced tea. You can spruce it up with lemon or sugar-free sweetener. Since you’re only going out once a week or less, you can treat yourself to a small diet soda or low-calorie lemonade instead. Remember to keep your drink under 10 calories!
Special thank you to our contributor Karolina Balkenbush, RD.
We’d like to thank our friends at Subway for this amazing opportunity for our kids to learn heart healthy habits that will last a lifetime!



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  1. It is great that Subway is partnering with your Healthy Hearts program. Teaching kids to make healthy choices is very important. Thanks for sharing!

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