Have a Happy and Healthy “BiG GAME”!

Here are 41 healthy recipes to make your game day guilt-free, thanks to the folks at 1. Chips and Broccamole Guac-amole is an instant win, but this brocc-amole is a delicious way to make for a healthier win. While there are actually no avocados in the recipe, the

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Empower Yourself with Small UnDiet Actions – from

Article from; Book by Gloria Tsang, RD “Go UnDiet: 50 Small Actions for Lasting Weight Loss” ~  The first full week of January is Women’s Empowerment Week, which makes it an excellent time to think about small ways you can empower yourself through  food. Food may seem like a

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10 Nutrients That Can Lift Your Spirits – from The Washington Post

Article from the Washington Post ~  If you want some pep in your step or a dash of good cheer, look no further than the grocery store’s shelves. Not only are foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids healthful, but studies show they can also increase happiness,

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Five Simple Steps to A Healthier New Year

Many of us rush to adopt New Year’s resolutions, only to drop them within weeks. Forget unrealistic goals and take a look at these achievable resolutions instead. Here are 5  simple steps that you can start doing right now (and always). Bring a fruit or vegetable to

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Adventure: Lake Mead & Hoover Dam

On Saturday, November 23rd, Children’s Heart Center partnered with Outside Las Vegas Foundation to send families on a day-long adventure at Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Hoover Dam! Families took a bus from Children’s Heart Center to the Hoover Dam and walked across the new Pat

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6 Easy Ways to Eat Slower

Have you ever accidentally burned yourself? When you touch a hot stove, your body immediately knows your fingers are in pain and you pull your hand away. The message travels from your fingertips to your brain and back almost instantly through your nervous system. When you eat,

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What Is “Whole Grain”?

What are the health benefits of whole grain? Health experts advise everyone – men and women, young and old – that grains are a healthy necessity in every diet, and that it’s important to eat at least half our grains as “whole grains.”  Whole grains include grains

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Have a Happy & Healthy Halloween

Many kids eat lots of junk food at Halloween time and when they are trick-or-treating.  However you can make sure they have a good time and still don’t eat too much sugar! ♥ Feed them first. Make sure your kids eat a nutritious dinner before trick-or-treating so they

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Pumpkins ~ Heart Healthy!

DID YOU KNOW? The HEART HEALTHY Pumpkin is one of the very low calorie vegetables & contains no saturated fats or cholesterol; it is rich in dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals & vitamins. Check out these links for some great ways to use your leftover Jack O’Lanterns! ♥ Pumpkin

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