Achieve Your Goals For the New Year

Start the New Year by setting goals to get healthy!

Ask yourself – is there anything that you would like to work on? Are there any barriers have gotten in the way previously? What did you do to overcome them? An important part of goal setting is to have a plan on how to achieve those goals.

Set some S.M.A.R.T goals!


Your goal needs to be SPECIFIC

An exercise goal should include exactly what activity you will do.


Your goal needs to be MEASURABLE.

An exercise goal should include time to be spent, the number of days per week, distance, speeds, or repetitions.


Your goal should be ATTAINABLE.

You will not reach your goal if you think it is too hard. Set a goal that is reasonable for you.

Results Oriented:

Your goal must have an end RESULT.

You must be able to see results such as weight loss, increased energy, or better blood pressure.

Time Limited:

Your goal needs a TIME LIMIT.

You should set short-term goals and long-term goals. Goals set daily, weekly, and monthly are short-term goals. Yearly goals are considered long-term goals.


New Years is the perfect time to start getting healthy. Use this 12 month goal calendar to help you reach your goals!

Goal Calendar

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