6 Common Nutrition Myths

The internet is full of conflicting information about diet and weight loss.

We’re here to set the record straight on some common nutrition myths.

Myth: Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight.

Fact: Your body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients each day in order to function properly. Skipping meals during the day can slow down your metabolism, and cause overeating at the next meal.

Myth: Eating after 8 p.m. causes weight gain.

Fact: It doesn’t matter when you eat; it’s how much you eat during the entire day that matters. Your body will store extra calories as fat. If you want to have a snack before bedtime, think about how many calories you have already eaten that day.

Myth: Eating red meat is bad for your health and will make it harder to lose weight.

Fact: All meats contain some saturated fat and cholesterol. However, they also all provide nutrients that are important to good health. Choosing lean red meats can be part of a healthy weight-loss plan. Simply trim off skin or extra fat before cooking, choose leaner cuts such as beef eye of round, top round, or tenderloin, and keep portion size of  3 ounces per meal.

Myth: Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than frozen or canned.

Fact: Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh. Frozen or canned produce is often packaged right after it has been picked, which helps keep most of its nutrients.

Myth: Carbohydrates make you fat.

Fact: Carbohydrates are our main source energy. Eating too many calories and inactivity are the main contributors to weight gain. Currently, Americans are consuming an average of 300 calories more per day and are moving less.

Myth: Low-fat or no fat means no calories.

Fact: Low-fat or nonfat foods may still have a lot of calories. These foods will add sugar, flour, or starch thickeners to make them taste better, which can lead to weight gain. Sometimes, you are better off consuming the full-fat product. Compare the calorie content on the label and be sure to control portion size.

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